Our Company

Investing in private markets since 2012, Talara Capital Management provides equity capital to early stage and middle market companies. We invest our own money alongside our client’s capital, joining forces with talented and experienced entrepreneurs in North America. Together, we acquire underexploited properties where we can apply modern technologies, optimize throughput and drive economies of scale.

Talara Represents Longevity

Talara’s founding partners have known each other for over forty years. The firm’s investment professionals have spent their entire careers developing extensive relationships with successful entrepreneurs and operating teams. Above all, we are business builders dedicated to helping our portfolio companies achieve their strategic and financial objectives.

Talara’s investors include some of the largest family offices, endowments, and pensions in the country. The firm’s operating teams are some of the most technologically proficient and experienced asset developers in North America. Having been through numerous economic cycles, we understand the importance of long-term partnerships with the highest level of commitment, alignment and transparency.

“The cornerstone of a great partnership is mutual respect and a shared passion for excellence.”
– Andrew Heyman • Partner

Where does our name come from? The Talara region is one of the oldest energy centers in the world, dating back to 1871. It is located in the northwest coastal region of Peru.  There, at the farthest point west in South America, the Punta Talara lighthouse shines into the pacific ocean as a beacon for fleets of incoming fishing boats.