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5/17 Forbes Article

Talara Professionals and Caza COO Discuss Recent Technological Innovations in Oil & Gas

4/17 Forbes Article

Talara Managing Partner Comments on Productivity Improvements in the Permian Basin

2/17 Oil & Gas Investor Article

David Zusman and Jeff Gutke Discuss Today’s Energy Opportunity and Talara’s Strategy

2/17 Talara Press Release

Jeff Gutke Named Managing Director

7/16 Institutional Investor Article

Talara Managing Partner Discusses Opportunities to Buy Distressed Shale Assets

2/16 New York Times Article

NY Times Front Page Coverage of Talara Restructuring Transaction: Caza Oil & Gas

12/15 Talara Press Release

Talara Funds Caza Oil & Gas, Inc.

10/15 Platts Oilgram News Article

David Zusman Discusses Risk Management through Oil & Gas Hedging

7/15 Forbes Article

Talara Managing Partner Discusses OPEC and U.S. Shale Oil Growth

3/15 Oil & Gas Investor Magazine Article

David Zusman Discusses the Effect of Lower Oil Prices on the Energy Industry