Public Investments


Talara manages real assets for institutional investors using a long-only equity strategy. We view real assets as a separate part of a diversified portfolio that protects against inflation and captures some of today’s most important global growth themes.

Major secular changes in the world are having a dramatic effect on real asset industries creating numerous investment opportunities. Many of our portfolio companies are benefiting from structural themes including the expansion of shale resources, advances in drilling and completion technology, the build out of energy infrastructure, the U.S. manufacturing renaissance, and emerging market urbanization.


Talara specializes in the three core segments within real assets: energy, materials and mining, and industrials and logistics. Focusing on these interconnected areas, our strategy strikes an optimal balance between a breadth of opportunity and our depth of knowledge.

Talara believes that the most intelligent way to invest in real assets is to concentrate our investments into a limited number of companies and to invest with a long-term horizon. To this end, our field research is aimed at identifying compounding businesses, asset transformations, and secular changes or inflection points in a business or industry.