Private Investments

Talara’s private equity team focuses on North American oil and gas E&P opportunities in the middle market. Our thesis-driven, asset-focused approach and use of the latest technologies to improve efficiencies and lower costs provide attractive investment opportunities.

Talara seeks to partner with proven management teams that have localized expertise to develop unique oil and natural gas assets. Together, we appropriately manage capital at risk while striving for continual asset efficiencies and identifying new resource opportunities.

As the E&P industry shifts from the land acquisition phase towards the development phase, Talara sees a compelling need for private investment focused on smaller companies. The less efficient and underserved middle market allows for greater flexibility of deal structure, providing for more optimally tailored investments around a specific asset development plan and greater alignment of incentives.

Talara brings access to proprietary deal flow and market intelligence due to our long-standing relationships with energy asset owners and industry professionals, local presence in the industry and community, and synergies from public and private investment portfolios. We also leverage our active Board Advisors, comprised of industry veterans who provide operational and technical perspective through a commercially-oriented lens.