Our Company

The name Talara represents longevity. The Talara Basin is one of the oldest and longest producing hydrocarbon basins in the world. Production began in 1871, and continues to this day. It is located in the northwest coastal region of Peru and occupies the onshore coastal plain as well as the offshore continental shelf and slope. Prior to 1871, indigenous people in the area used the oil seeps to caulk boats.
Talara is more than just your typical investment firm, it is a collection of industry specialists with extensive experience in natural resources and industrials. Talara’s team, along with active and engaged Board Advisors, form the crux of what makes the firm special. With a vast network of cultivated industry relationships in both public and private markets, Talara has unique market intelligence and access to proprietary opportunities.
Talara Capital Management understands the importance of being close to the center of the North American energy industry and world financial center with offices located in both Houston and the New York metropolitan area.